About Us

Springwood Farm Barbados Blackbelly Sheep
Central Virginia

Starter flocks for people interested in conservation livestock breeding, farmsteading, meat production, brush/land clearing, or pets. Some of our sheep do tricks and are quite affectionate.

Barbados Blackbellies are hair sheep so they do not need shearing (they shed their winter coats in the spring like a goat for which they are often mistaken). These are hardy sheep, parasite tolerant, and can do well on less than ideal pastures. Neither the rams nor the ewes have horns. They can be managed to produce 3 lamb crops every 2 years and usually have twins or triplets except their first lambing as 1 year olds where singles occur. Their coloring is interesting and unique.

The meat is mild, lean and tasty. We sometimes have meat for sale so feel free to ask.

Pam Hand and Will Hueston are two retired veterinarians living on a small farm in central Virginia. In addition to raising these charming sheep, Pam raises Labrador puppies solely to send into service dog training. Since the first litter in December 2009, 69 puppies born and raised at Springwood Farm have gone into service dog training. Most go to a wonderful organization in Roanoke Virginia, St. Francis Service Dogs. Visit their website at: http://www.saintfrancisdogs.org. Several have also gone to our local group Service Dogs of Virginia, and you can visit their website at https://www.servicedogsva.org/

Will volunteers weekly for Habitat for Humanity in Charlottesville, VA: http://cvillehabitat.org/



We have two very special rescue dogs who are looking for a new home with special people. Could you be that special person for Sugar or Zorro? Please enquire at info@barbadosblackbellies.com